How To Replace Tie Rods

In todays video we are taking a look at how to change your vehicles tie rod ( inner tie rod and outer tie rod end ) its a very simple and easy job. the vehicle used on this video was a dodge caravan. 

In our case we did not have to grease the outer tie rod, if your outer tie rod end needs greasing you can use a grease gun to do so. also our outer tie rod did not have a cotter pin to remove, in case your does you will have to remove the pin before you are able to remove the nut from the bolt on the outer tie rod end. 

In this video we used thread locker and grease on the inner tie rod, always verify with your cars and tie rod instructional manual if you have to do so with yours. we also used a hammer to remove the tension from the outer tie rod end, you can use a rubber mallet or a specialized outer tie rod removal tool to do so. 

we also used the 20 dollar autozone inner tie rod removal tool because our inner tie rod has no edges to grip, but if yours does have flat sides you can use the other socket looking inner tie rod removal tool as well.  always remember safety is the number one goal, always stay safe. 

this video is made only for educational purposes. always contact your trained specialist.

Any questions place them in the comment section! thanks for watching

Tools needed

jack stands
mat or tarp
rachet set
back stop
tie rod
tie rod removal tool one of 2 depending on your vehicle
outer tie rod removal tool
rubber malot
thread locker
tie rod
adjustable wrench
needle nose pliers
cutting pliers
zip ties
breaker bar
flat head screwdriver

This was shot with canon t5 1200d