Today We take a look at a product that is taking the world by storm, even though it has been around for ages it has lately become the new trends in toys and at the same time we can say a simple and cheap alternative therapy extra, And we are talking about the latest craze Fidget Spinners. 

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This particular model we got by walking throughout the pharmacy lane around Walmart. We also found out that they are also located on the paying lanes or cashier isles.

As a person that suffers from Anxiety, at first use it was difficult to concentrate both at the fidget spinner and the task that I was performing but, in a matter of spins and twist it became apparent that this little gadget was able to keep my body occupy meanwhile my mind focused on the more important task at hand.

This in no way will replace traditional medicine. Also according to the manufacturer is best used from ages 4 and up and that is  because of the little parts that are included in this toy.

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