In Today's video we are taking a look at a Apple Android Watch for under $40. I was Surprise how this little badboy worked for the price, is not the best screen in the world  and definitely does not have a good camera but for the price it does give you a lot of good working features and that smart watch feel.

Apple Android Smart Watch Link

One of the down sides of the smart watch other than the camera and camera placement is that it only has two watch interfaces, and we only consider the first two usable depending on your taste. You are able to use some features like calendar, alarm, step counter, sedentary monitor,  calculator with out a phone, sim or micro sd card.

With a micro sd card you can use the music app, camera app, picture viewer. With a sim card you can browse the web, facebook, wassap and even tweeter. Using the Bluetooth feature and pairing your phone with the device you can make calls, remote capture pictures, send messages, but if you want to receive notifications you are going to want to download either from the iTunes store or the google play store the bt notification app.

This smart watch other than give you the ability to add a sim card or a micro sd card has a removable battery clocking at 380mah which is not bad for a smart watch, we tested this badboy for almost 3 days with out having to charge it. but making calls and talking directly from your watch is going to cut that to maybe 1 whole day of use.

Overall we can say that it has a nice look, a camera only in desperate emergency situations, for the price the screen is very responsive and has great feature for the fraction of the price of many high end smart watches.