In today's video we are taking a look at how easy and simple it is to use Wood planks and Wood wraps for grilling. These are great for any occasion. Not only they look great but the taste even better. In today's video the plank and wrap used is made by a company called Wild Wood Grilling. Other than these products they also provide wood skewers and wood chips, if you are interested in their product , here is the link.

Wild Wood Grilling

We used a whole chicken for the cedar wood plank and we used carrots for the alder wood wraps, and we got great flavor in both. We decided to cook both at the same time , so the carrots can also get infused with the chicken flavor and like that get a two in one combo.

Usually the rule of thumb is to place the heavier meats in the plank and on the wraps the easy to cook vegetables, fruits, small meats like shrimp , ham , ect. But remember at the end of the day you are the king of your castle.

The whole cooking process took a little under 3 hours and we had a complete meal for four, just add any sides and you are done. We pre seasoned the meat 24 hours before, but like anything in life you can even do that a hour before. 

Right before placing the meat on the grill, we gave it the last coat of dry rub to give it that extra kick.Every 1 hour to 1 hour and half we flipped the meat and the wrap. Once we got the chicken to a internal temperature of 174 degrees Fahrenheit we were done.

Grilling accessories:

butane lighter
chimney starter
cooking tongs
grilling spatula
heavy duty aluminum foil
dripping pans
bbq cleaning brush
grill grate cleaner brush
cleaning rags
seasoning injector
cooking thermometer
grilling racks
grilling skewers
grilling woods