In todays video we are taking a look at the Apple Android Smart Watch GT08 For Under $40, we have been testing this badboy out for 1 month now. We can say that we have not encountered any issues. The watch works great specially for the price


The one I have

Replacement Battery


DZ09 Video

In our testing both the gt08 and the dz09 worked well, they are not going to break the bank and they are going to get the job done. The only down side is that to access chromes, wassap , facebook or any internet feature app, you will need a sim card, but at the same time it can be a positive if you decide to do so.

There are many things you can do on the smartwatch with out having to pair it with your phone, like calendar, alarm, step counter, sedentary reminder, calculator, voice record, camera and music player. 

But let say you pair this badboy with your phones Bluetooth now you can get the extra features, like listening to music on the smartwatch speaker which is descent for a watch, make calls, sync your date and time. 

Now by downloading the bt notifier app from the apple store or playstore you can see all the notifications on your phone on your watch. Overall I cant complaint, the pictures are not great but, always good for case of a emergency. Its a great watch for the price.

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